The 30 Minute Workout Club

Lose fat quickly and effortlessly while building fitness, gaining strength, and enjoying the foods you love the most

What makes our program different?

When it comes to losing fat and getting lean, most people simply don’t know what to do and rarely see lasting results. The fitness industry is failing people through misleading and contrasting information that leaves them spinning their wheels instead of helping them achieve their goals in as easy of a way as possible. The 30 Minute Workout Club cuts through the confusion.

What you get

Uncomplicated nutrition advice

Lifestyle-friendly dieting strategies that allow you to burn fat day after day with ease and keep it off for good

  • Cut through the lies and apply what works
  • Develop consistency by using easy to apply tips
  • Learn how many calories you should be eating

Progressive training plan

Use a strategic training protocol to get leaner and stronger in just three workouts per week (train at home or the gym)

  • Requires minimal equipment
  • 15 progressive circuit based workouts & 15 ab workouts
  • Work out when it suits you

Online support

Join our active community of like-minded people and support each other on your journey

  • Ask any questions if you get stuck in any way
  • Try brand new workouts and recipes
  • Get expert advice

Frequently Asked Questions

are you a qualified personal trainer?

Yes. Chris Beck is an Qualified Personal Trainer working face to face with clients in the West Midlands. Chris programs all the workouts on The 30 Minute Club plan.

Can you do the workouts from home?

Yes, you can work out from home with a set of dumbbells and your bodyweight. We recommend a lighter pair (approx. 5kg) and a heavier pair (approx 10kg). 

how many days do you workout on the plan?

The plan requires you to complete four workouts per week and can be done from home if you want. You can also do this all on your schedule, adjusting the workout days and times to fit into your life.

do you hold a nutrition qualification?

Yes. James Long holds an Applied Nutrition and Supplementation Qualification from the Nutrition Academy. Chris Beck has completed the LDN Muscle Nutrition Coaching Course.

what's inside the nutrition section on the plan?

We think that super low-calorie dieting stigma is ridiculous and urge you to break away from these restrictive strategies and unrealistic ways of living your life. By following a nutritional approach that includes normality, doesn’t over restrict and supports you to be more active, you can consistently develop your plan and achieve excellent results.

What will you be posting in the facebook group?

The Facebook group is a place for you to ask questions about the plan. We also post weekly challenges and information here to help you apply essential knowledge and stay accountable.

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