Chances are if you’re anything like me when work and life start getting busy; the first thing to go by the wayside is exercise.

When I first started getting into fitness, the social media world was slowly making its rapid expansion to where it is today.

Instagram wasn’t a thing, but Facebook fitness pages were pretty big.

I began following loads of fitness models and started copying what they did to try and look like them.

Their workout regimes were pretty full-on. And their diets were pretty dull too.

At the time, I was playing sport semi-professionally and living in Australia. My lifestyle could support this level of time and effort.

I made some excellent progress. But I still didn’t look anything like these guys.

After Aus, I moved into teaching, and my spare time became pretty limited. My workouts suffered, my diet suffered, and I experienced what I like to refer to at the time as ‘real-life.’

For a while, I would look and social media and think – “It’s OK for them – they don’t have real-life pressures…”. A pretty weak excuse, but I think a lot of us use these type of reasons to justify why we don’t do something we probably should.

Anyway, I kept going trying to go back to the ‘good old days.’ I’d look back at my old workouts, attempt to complete them but found it impossible to maintain.

I even did that whole 5 a.m. gym thing for a while, but I just kept getting fatigued and ill.

So something needed to change. I needed something that wasn’t too easy, was challenging enough, and could be done in a shorter time frame.

Rather than massive strength sets, my workouts became more circuit-based with lighter weights. I used the same sort of exercises as before but just interlinked them with shorter rest intervals and more cardio-based activities.

When I made this switch, something happened. I could suddenly work out more. I could work out pretty much anywhere and with whatever equipment I had available.

It gradually became a routine. It was easy to follow. Made me feel good physically, mentally, and helped me get into better shape.

I stopped making excuses, and The 30 Minute Workout Club was born.

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