Exhausting ourselves for hours a day in the gym is a hugely common misconception when it comes to fitness, and achieving our goals. Can you lose weight in 30 minutes? You may think not, but these 4 tips below may change your mind.


So, can we spend less time in the gym and still make fantastic progress? Put simply, yes we can.

“I don’t have time to workout” – we’ve all said it, and we all have periods when we feel genuinely overwhelmed with life’s commitments and stresses. Having a simple plan to follow that you know is ‘short and sweet’ makes it much easier to put in the work, even when motivational levels aren’t at their peak.

With the correct workouts, programming, and keeping your intensity levels high, you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in 30 minutes!


Food, nutrition, calories, macros, micronutrients, vitamins – STOP RIGHT THERE. The fuel we consume (food) doesn’t need to be this complicated.

Having a basic understanding of energy consumption and expenditure is all it takes to get your diet on track. A few minor adjustments to your normal eating behaviours could be all it takes to kickstart your weight loss progress.


Accountability. You’ve heard it time and time again from almost every fit-stagrammar on the planet. Having a simple, effective plan in place will help keep yourself accountable, thus being more consistent.

Have a print off on your fridge, tick off your week’s activity and build a consistent, life-changing habit.


So, you’ve got your intense, well programmed and time-efficient workouts on point. Your nutrition is on track, and you’re holding yourself accountable on a daily basis. You’re already killing it!

Here’s a bit many of us forget, daily activity. A sedentary job with almost zero lunch break, sound familiar? We are built to MOVE.

Often guilty of overlooking the simple things in life, a 30 minute fast paced walk a day will make an incredible difference to your physical and mental health; alongside contributing to your overall weight loss journey.

We love to head out for walks with a podcast on in our headphones. Increasing our knowledge whilst taking in fresh air and beautiful scenery. It does wonders for the mind and body, trust us.

Our health is something that can quickly be sidelined and ignored. Being fit, healthy and happy takes more than just two weeks of health-conscious eating or juice detoxes… It’s a lifestyle that you can create for yourself, through increased knowledge, accountability and consistency.

So, let’s ask the question again – can you lose weight in 30 minutes? I bet you have a totally different answer this time.

Start your journey today and build healthy habits that work around your busy life.

Chris Beck
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