About Us

We met one another playing National League Hockey and have since travelled the world together, whilst always trying to stay fit and healthy.

We created The 30 Minute Workout Club after finding it impossible to get in and out of the gym using our old style of training.

Not having the time or the motivation to workout was holding us both back from making progress with our fitness goals, and something needed to change.

We started programming shorter, more intense workouts in our lunch breaks and completing them at the gym and from home. We built a routine and found our new training style easy to fit into busy work and family schedules.

Months on, we’ve collated the program we created into The 30 Minute Workout Club plan and broken all the workouts down for you, in a simple to follow e-book format.

The 30 Minute Workout Club also teaches you about the correct nutritional approaches to support your fitness goals and help you get into great shape whilst still having a good balance in life. When joining the Club you’ll get access to exclusive new recipes in the private Facebook group as part of your membership. 

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