Here are my top seven non-biased takeaways to live a healthier life:

1) Limit processed food intake.

Eating more real food has a lot of benefits. Put some vegetables on your plate. Single-ingredient foods like fruit and vegetables are more comfortable for the body to digest and convert into energy.

2) Aim to exercise 30 minutes every day.

Even if you go and walk on your lunch break – that’s an excellent place to start. If you’re looking for something more challenging give our 30-minute workout club a go, I promise you’ll love it.

3) Get better at cooking.

By preparing your food, you can control what goes into your mouth. Don’t feed yourself excuses like “I can’t cook” or “I don’t have time.” Learn. And that episode on Netflix can wait until after you have cooked your dinner, I promise. Start now with some of our quick and easy recipes.

4) Stop drinking liquid calories.

Ditch the fruit juices, protein shakes, fizzy drinks, and focus on drinking enough water each day. Carry a water bottle with you. Stay hydrated. Limit your alcohol intake. 1-2 alcoholic beverages now and then are fine. Like most things, the danger is in the dosage.

5) Use the 80/20 approach and don’t deprive yourself.

Focus on real food 80% of the time, but keep in some of your favourite foods 20% of the time. You will be less likely to binge in the long run. Over-restrictive dieting is fun, and sustainable…oh wait. But seriously feel free to go 100/0 on me, I’ve been there and trust me it doesn’t end well.

6) You will gain weight if you eat too much of anything.

Even ‘clean’ food. Don’t be fooled. 

7) Cut fear from your diet.

Food should cause you pleasure, not panic. If you eat something terrible, account for it elsewhere. If you’re out for dinner tonight, graze lightly throughout the day on some fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Basic.

When Harry Met Salad

P.S. The 30 Minute Workout Club membership is £27 (no-contract)


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