5 Tips To Meal Prep Like a Boss

Let's face it, the 9-5 life leaves us scrambling for food at the most random of times. Quick stop offs at the drive-thru or falling victim to tempting coffee & pastry offers can become all too regular when life gets the better of us.

Simplyhealth is promoting better health for all through its #MyEveryStep campaign, and is encouraging us all to take small steps every day to stay healthy. This has inspired me to lend a helping hand to you and make sure that you always pick the best option for your diet and health!

Ever since the end of those junior days when our lunchbox’s magically appeared full of yummy food each morning, as we headed off to school, preparing food in advance has always seemed somewhat of a burden

So how can we make adulting that little bit easier? And help stay on track with our goals, both in terms of fitness and our wellbeing? Whilst saving a penny or two in the process...


These 5 go-to tips will ensure your adult lunchboxes are always full of simple, tasty food:


1. Cook Extra at Dinner Time

Surely this is a no-brainer? You're wrong! People often forget this when cooking their meals. Buy extra food and cook enough for several meals; separate the food into your individual Tupperware and allow to cool before throwing in the fridge.

You can enjoy your tasty recipe for several lunchtimes to follow and I bet you it works out much cheaper and healthier than anything you can grab last-minute from the shops.


2. Minimise Your Effort

You don't need the chef skills of Jamie Oliver to prepare delicious and healthy lunches. Find tasty recipes that can be cooked with minimal effort, so you can put your feet up on a Sunday night and let the oven do its thing.

Seasoned chicken, a selection of veg and sliced sweet potato can all be thrown in the oven together, minimising effort and time – plus washing up is kept to a minimum, winner!


3. Save The Pennnies (and pounds!)

Be sure to keep an eye on those £/100g signs and don't be afraid to buy things in bulk to cook for meal prep. Seeking out offers is also useful and online butchers can often provide a better rate if you're buying things in bulk regularly.

Ps. microwave rice/quinoa is a great, easy way to add healthy carbs to your meal prep.



4. Keep it Nutritious

Fish and rice cakes are a popular choice, but there are other options; Lean meats such as turkey, chicken, fish and beef mince all work well alongside a variety of vegetables and carbohydrates. Don't eat meat? That's fine! Be sure to load your meals with protein-rich, plant-based sources such as chickpeas, seeds, nuts and halloumi. Consider implementing a vegan-friendly protein shake to ensure your intake is sufficient.

5. Snack Like A Pro

Life can often catch us off guard, so keeping snacks close by helps us prevent those pesky cravings. Whole foods are always best such as fruit, nuts, seeds, beef jerky and Greek yoghurt. Protein has been proven to take longer to digest and therefore keep us feeling fuller for longer; a protein shake or bar coupled with a banana or apple may be more satisfying than you think!