Home Workouts: Do's & Dont's

Do you want to lose weight and improve your fitness but don’t have access to a gym? Don’t let this hold you back.

Workout routines for every fitness level and lifestyle can be carried out at home with no equipment.

We’re supporting the Simplyhealth #MyEveryStep campaign which focuses on making small lifestyle changes that make big changes on your overall health. When you stop thinking about what you aren’t doing and start focusing on what you are doing you can alter your mindset to a more positive place and make continual progress.

Exercise is a great way to get a healthier, stronger body. It can also be a great way to relax and make you happier.

When it’s dark, cold and wet outside why not take that little step and try one of these workouts?


In just 20 minutes you can have a great workout from your own home and get on with your busy schedule.

In order to make the best progress, check out our top ‘do’s and don’ts’ below.

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  • Be a minimalist - when you’re working out from home you need to keep it super simple. Chances are you won’t have much equipment bar your body weight and a set of dumbbells. Keep your exercise selection focused on full body moves like: squats, burpees, lunges, and push-ups.

  • Get your playlist ready - one of the great things about training from home is you can pump out your favourite tunes whilst you workout. Exercising to your favourite tunes has been proven to boost your workout performance.

  • Keep it short and intense - if you have to hit a home workout the chances are that you’re limited on time. Keep your workouts in circuit style to maximise your fat burn.


  • Overcomplicate things - you need to include the exercises that burn the most calories and are the most challenging. Think squats, burpees, push-ups and lunges and you’re good to go.

  • Do too many isolation exercises - as above, there is no need to focus too much on bicep curls and tricep extensions when you’re trying to have a challenging workout. You will recruit a lot more of your muscles by including big compound exercises and burn maximum calories.

  • Take long rest periods - when exercising at home the chances are you won’t have access to huge weights so there is no need to take long rest breaks between exercises. Circuit style workouts are going to be the best way to get your heart rate up and get a sweat on.

James Long