A beginners guide to working out from home

Simplyhealth have challenged me to create a home workout for you as part of their #MyEveryStep campaign that we've chosen to support. #MyEveryStep is all about the little (or big) things you can do towards taking more care of yourself and your health and being the best you can be. Here we have a simple workout you can do outdoors or in your home.

The workout brief is simple: create a workout that can be done outdoors or from home.

So I've put together some of the most effective exercises into one quick and effective workout routine.

The good news is that you don't need to invest into an expensive gym membership and lots of equipment to get fitter and healthier. All you need is a spare 20-30 minutes, a bit of space and some motivation.

For me personally, I've started exercising more on my own terms from home and going to the gym a bit less frequently as I am so busy at work most of the time. That way I can fit workouts in when I need to and still stay healthy. With a few pieces of equipment, you can have a great workout from home and maybe you can even do it with your partner or family to get everyone involved.

I'm really excited to bring this workout to you and hope you enjoy giving it a go.


How I've built this routine?

Keeping your routine simple and using exercises that stimulate the most muscles such as squats, lunges, should presses and press ups are really effective.

My training focus is always whole body, high intensity, sweat as much as possible, minimal rest. A lot of skipping, burpees, push ups, squats, lunges and pull ups. Chuck these into a circuit, where you work for around 30-45 seconds and you're fairly good to go. Just keep your heart rate up and keep your body moving. Performing exercises in a circuit means that you build up your aerobic fitness and including resistance exercises also helps you to build muscle.

The #MyEveryStep Workout 


10 Dumbbell Squat Press

10 Dumbbell Bent Over Row

10 Dumbbell Floor Press

10 Front Rack Reverse Lunges

10 Bicep Curls / 10 Tricep Extensions

10 DB Dodges

James Long