Five habits you should apply today to become healthier tomorrow

Goals are a way of focusing on the future we’re motivated to work towards.

However, sticking to your fitness goals can be really tricky with a busy lifestyle and all of the curve balls that life can throw at you. There will never be a perfect time to start working towards your fitness goals, but you can make small everyday changes to create new habits today and start moving towards achieving the goals you’ve always wanted to reach now.


How I use everyday habits to reach my goals?

When Simplyhealth got in touch with us and asked us to write a blog on everyday tips to support their ‘#MyEveryStep’ campaign, I was very excited to share with you some of my top tips to use small daily behaviours to help you move towards improving your fitness journey. Their campaign falls right in line with our ethos and I've picked some of my most important steps to help you improve your health and well-being. To get more info on the campaign check out Simplyhealths instagram feed here.

Going through my own fitness journey I’ve struggled with setting unrealistic goals in the past (and sometimes present!) and losing motivation along the way with it all.

One thing I have done, is to create habits and routines that always keep me fairly close to where I want to be with my fitness goals and have now become subconscious routines I am so comfortable with carrying out each day. I may sound like a robot here, but I can assure you these habits are just really easy steps to keep you consistent.

Do the exercise you enjoy.

You look through Instagram and see so many different people with amazing physiques doing loads of different workouts. Naturally, you feel inclined to try these workouts, as you might want to look like them too. However, one thing I have learnt is that sometimes other people’s workout regimes are usually not specific for you and your goals and they are also are not always enjoyable or realistic for the time you can allocate to workout each day. Recently, I have got more into Cross Fit style training because I enjoy the competitive nature and social side of this style of exercise. Don’t feel pressured to adhere to workouts that you don’t enjoy, pick something you find fun and repeat. 

Prioritise your sleep.

As important as it is to start your day right, it’s equally important to end each day with intention. Building a solid evening routine before bed can be really hard with the temptation of Netflix, social media and late night WhatsApp conversations! However, ditching your phone at least an hour before bed and picking up a book, doing the washing up and spending some time switching off before getting into your bed can really improve your sleep quality and improve your energy the next day.

Move your body.

As well as exercising, it is important that you move your body each day. I always take a walk on my lunch break and give my body a break from sitting at a desk with rounded shoulders! Try getting a bunch of your colleagues or your best friend at work to take a break at the same time as you and create a 'Walking Club' (thats actually happened at my work)! Doing it together, means we're always more likely to go. 

If you cant make the lunch time walk club... you could set a realistic daily step target and work towards that each day to keep yourself accountable (it doesn't necessarily need to be 10,000 steps). 


Eat heavily processed foods less often.  

Filling your fridge and cupboards with foods like fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and grains is a good way to arm you to prepare healthier meals from home. Ditch the processed foods when possible and stick to real food sources. Obviously the occasional treat here and there is normal, you're only human! Remember what you do most of the time is more important than what you do some of the time.

Don’t go too low carb.

A lot of diets can be over exclusive of certain food groups in a bid to lose weight. Try to look at the bigger picture and eat foods that nourish you. If you can’t see yourself eating the diet you use now in a years time then look for something more sustainable.

Be patient. Like with anything worth having, improving your health and wellbeing takes time. Stick with it, realise that it won’t be an entirely smooth journey to the top, but keep showing up.

Words from James Long (Creator & Co-Founder @whenharrymetsalad)

James Long