How to cook healthy meals in only 10 minutes

Time can be one of the biggest barriers to making healthy food at home. However, there are a number of quick and convenient foods that can help you make fat loss easier.

Simplyhealth is promoting better health for all through it’s #MyEveryStep campaign, and is encouraging us all to take small steps every day to stay healthy. This has inspired me to put together some of our top tips for making healthier 10 minute meals!

With this in mind, remember to lose fat you need to be doing the following things:

  1. Eat in a small calorie deficit

  2. Eat lots of whole food sources

  3. Workout a couple times per week

  4. Stay consistent in all of the above

However, the thing is…losing fat on paper looks incredibly simple, but it’s not easy at all!

Being consistent and eating in a deficit is hard and hitting workouts is also tough too. Consistency is the issue, and you can help yourself make it easier for yourself by setting up your kitchen cupboards to support your goals.

When I’m designing a nutrition plan for a new client I always create a plan that produces the least amount of change from their current habits. By changing less, they can be more consistent and more consistency means they get better overall results.

One way to reduce excessive behavioural change is to build a meal template from foods that are convenient and quick to prepare.

We can break these food groups into the following areas:

  1. Pre-cooked foods: That can be cooked in the microwave in a couple of minutes.

  2. Frozen produce: Often cheaper, doesn’t get wasted and quick to prepare.

  3. Quick snacks: Great to grab and go

  4. Pre packed foods: Pre-packaged snacks allow us to be mindful of the calorie content we are consuming.

Check out the image below for some examples.

Copy of James Long.png

The less resistance your fat loss plan creates in your life, the better.

When you take time to build small habits and routines then you will set yourself up for greater long term success.

Try using more frozen foods to reduce waste, pre-cooked foods to make meal prep really fast and pre-packaged snacks to know exactly how many calories you’re consuming.

James Long