Inspired by Family Favourites


Our all new recipe book inspired by traditional family favourites with the best layout in the industry.

Visual ingredient lists. Simple instructions. Calories per serving.

The best, most user-friendly recipe book on the market. And a breakthrough approach to fat loss with greater flexibility.

Eat food that you enjoy. Understand how fat loss works. Become more consistent. Reach your goals.

The When Harry Met Salad Guide. It’s life changing.


Family Favourites

The recipes in the book are all inspired by family favourites. They include healthier versions of curries, chinese food, burgers, fish and chips and many more classic dishes. There are Breakfasts, Main Meals, Snacks & Desserts.


Simple Instructions & Ingredients

The ingredients for each recipe uses imagery to make our recipes more user friendly. Each recipe has short, simple instructions. With ingredients that are affordable and easy to source at any supermarket.

Nutrition Knowledge

The opening chapter contains all the information you need to understand how fat loss really happens. You can break away from restrictive dieting, learn to eat delicious meals and smash any of your fitness goals.