When Harry Met Salad is all about promoting healthy lifestyle and showcasing the benefits of simple, delicious, home-cooked recipes.

We believe that the most important decision you make each day is what to eat. What we eat on a day-to-day basis is the number one factor that impacts our health and longevity. 

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James & Chris



words from James Long

As a teacher in an all girls secondary school, I work with hundreds of students on a daily basis. From the classroom and the sports pitch, I witness the lack of knowledge the younger generation has about nutrition. I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to help each individual student with her own nutrition, plus teach, plan lessons, coach fixtures and complete paperwork. It wasn’t going to be sustainable. And that’s when the idea of “When Harry Met Salad” was born. An Instagram blog where I could confidently direct students to gain knowledge of new recipes, lend my perspective on healthy eating and teach students how to cook their way to a healthier life.

In autumn 2015, now co-founder, Chris, and I, started to talk about what we could do together to progress the blog towards something even bigger and better. We wanted to be able to create more regular content to help you get fitter, cut through the awful information pushed through some areas of the fitness industry and make some delicious recipes along the way. Our content is focused on fitness that is individualised, realistic and easy to apply into a busy lifestyle without feeling restricted. From healthy recipes to workout videos, we aim to educate you about the stuff that really matters, help you battle your inner demons with food and exercise and create a community of like minded individuals. The blog has surpassed our initial expectations and we are both very grateful to all of you who follow along and engage with our content.



If you were to read online about ‘healthy lifestyle’ you would quickly find articles promoting the latest fad diets, green smoothies, and including raw cacao as a staple for your weekly shop.

However, for us, the most nutritionally dense foods are the easiest to source, buy and prepare. Below are our six key values that form our food philosophy.

1) Eat the rainbow: by making your meals colourful and focusing on trying to eat the rainbow you will ensure that you include lots of nutrient dense foods into your meals, and they will be packed with a broad spectrum of vitamins. Try to think about the rainbow and include different coloured foods into your meals, which will all have various health benefits.

2) Eat more unprocessed food: eating whole food means eating food as close to its natural state as possible. In other words, single ingredient foods. By focusing on building your meals with these you will create deliciously well-balanced meals. Examples may include, fruit and vegetables, lean meats, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

3) Spice up your life: by including spices and seasonings into your meals not only will they taste awesome they’ll all pack some anti oxidant and health benefits. Using foods such as garlic, turmeric, cinnamon will add pungent aromatic flavours and may have a wealth of health benefits including reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

4) Be more adventurous: trying new ingredients will allow you to be more adventurous in the kitchen, and by including new delicious foods you may not have been confident to cook with you’ll discover some great new recipes.

5) Add more veg to your plate: Not only will this help add to volume of the meal, it will add fibre, flavour and health benefits. The easiest vegetables to fold through when cooking meals is spinach so give it a go this week! Think of all the times that you’ve binned vegetables, by doing this less veg will go to waste.

6) Feel energised: by creating balanced meals your body will thank you! You’ll feel more energised, less bloated, and the condition of your skin, nails etc. will all begin to improve.